Hali: Hey guys, my old shoutbox annoyed me by redirecting links to my blog to amazon, so I changed it. :D Now spam this one plz
Jameshroom: Squeeeeee!
Steven: Hi, would you be interested in making graphics for our website? Thanks
Hali: Steven: Well, if you had bothered with leaving me an email adress to contact you with, perhaps.
Rathy: Hi, I would like to thank you Hali for drawing the guild members, which james Lied he would do it
Hali: Hey Rathy, thanks alot for the response :D Which one of the characters are you?
Rathy: Sniper is me ofc :D
Anzeige (weg damit!)
miri: Hi. just wanted to say that your art is really really awesome. :) have a nice day!
James: Just an old friendly face dropping by. :)


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